Cement Factory

Posted on July 23, 2015

The Cement Factory came to attention in 1973, as an abandoned cement factory partially in ruins, comprised of over 30 silos, underground galleries, and huge engine rooms. Architect Ricardo Bofill bought it and began renovation… or, re-architecture. He defined the space by demolishing certain structures, cleaning cement, exposing previously concealed structures and creating the landscape architecture by planting varied plants such as eucalyptus, palms, olive trees and cypresses; renovation work lasted nearly two years. Read more here.


Posted on May 26, 2014


He’s always saying these amazing, profound things. Just recently he was talking about how “better is the enemy of the good,” and that was really sticking with me. Just don’t try to make things better all the time; it’s usually good and it gets worse if you keep trying to fiddle with it. Gia on Francis Ford Coppola

I saw Palo Alto last week and couldn’t recommend it more! I am already planning to see it again with two of my friends. It really is the most honest portrayal of american youth I have seen, and the cinematography is so dreamy and beautiful. I’m also really loving Gia’s photos of the cast over on Papermag.


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