Posted on June 2, 2013

Sofia Coppola in her west village apartment from this article of a conversation had by Lee Radziwill and Sofia about the protection of privacy. The roles are reversed in this video – where Sofia interviews Lee for this.


The Basket

Posted on April 20, 2013

I finally found an online store that sells the same basket Jane Birkin so famously wore. Kiosk carried them for a short time, but they quickly sold out. This traditional fishing basket is from the coastal town of Algarve in Portugal. They come in three sizes, take a gander here!

Olga Kurylenko on Terrence Malick

Posted on April 13, 2013

I receive pages every morning, sometimes ten, sometimes more. They’re not exactly a script—whether one exists or not is a complete mystery—but the words are (excuse my poeticism) rather like a breakfast for the soul. And every morning it’s a feast! If I digest the sense of what the pages contain, the nature of Terry’s words will shine through my eyes while we’re filming, and I won’t even need to speak. Every sentence is filled with such deep knowledge of the soul.

They force me to think and reflect on my own life, to ask myself questions. Reading Terry’s words makes me realize I’m spending so much precious time on such unnecessary things. (“Why do we often look the wrong way?”) Wonderful pages. I’d like to cover my walls with them. Instead, I’m instructed to burn them.

Read the full article at Black Book Mag. Terrence Malick’s new film To The Wonder is now playing.