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Posted on January 7, 2016

With the start of every year, the ubiquitous pressure of resolutions regarding change and habits is heavily felt. This year I want to focus on streamlining the process of exhibition of all of my work, both the everyday snapshots and longterm projects. Over these many years, my wordpress had been a mixture of inspiration and personal work, but now with the many different social media platforms and the creation of my website I had decided it’s time to let go. The overlap of websites and apps along with the decision process of what content to post where became taxing. I’ve decided to archive my wordpress and have an expanded journal attached to my website using Format.   Throughout my life I never regularly kept a diary, but still loved the idea of a…


Posted on August 16, 2010

my mom, my sister ingred and her son trevor visited us for a weekend of fun here in san francisco. we went to the wharf, the ferry building, we planned on going to the golden gate bridge, but that idea fell through. i can’t wait to spend time with them again! we also did one quick run to ikea, plenty of cuddle time with my youngest nephew, enjoyed great homemade food, ingred brought sofia coppola champagne “just because” :) and many episodes of dexter!

settling in

Posted on July 6, 2010

this past week has been full of unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and recuperating – all this moving and travel has lowered my immune system and i came down with a cold over the weekend, which sadly meant no celebrating on the 4th :(  so instead i’ve been curled up on the couch sipping soup with otto and watching some of my favorite films. it hasn’t really felt like summer here in san francisco anyway – the weather has been pretty chilly lately. one thing i really love about my new place is that we have a little backyard! i can’t wait to start buying plants and herbs to turn it into a pleasant little garden!


Posted on June 27, 2010

these past two weeks have been really hectic! my brother and i have driven from palm springs to san francisco – once to check out apartments which was successful! and secondly to move all of things, our mom gave us a bunch of furniture she didn’t want anymore – yay! i really like my new place and the cats are settling in great, right now it’s quite a mess from unpacking and there’s still heaps to do – but i promise i’ll post more photos soon!

happy friday

Posted on October 16, 2009

my classes this week have drained me. i’ve been getting horrible sleep all week and this weekend i have no time to relax because this weekend is completely full of studying and projects because next week is midterms. today was a a lot better though because my friend michelle and i went to see where the wild things are in imax! it was one of the most beautiful and touching films i’ve ever seen! if you have not seen it yet, call up some friends and go!

ikea + blondies

Posted on October 4, 2009

i love ikea. my friends and i spent at least two hours just roaming looking at everything and re enacting the 500 days of summer ikea scene, haha. i came home with an awesome chair, a huge desk,  a gigantic bookcase and some odds and ends for the kitchen! i still need a mirror and a nightstand…and a sofa for the living room…but all in good time. my brother helped me put everything together and it went pretty smoothly, i was sorta freaked out by the bookcase at first but it only took thirty minutes to put together! i made him blondies in cupcake pan things for helping me, hehe see below : )