i profoundly remember the first time i ever heard and fell in love with simon and garfunkel. i was in the third grade – in the mid 90’s and i was snooping through my older brother’s cassette collection when i came across their greatest hits (see last photo) i remember loving art’s hair and his striped shirt and thinking paul’s hat was funny. i put the tape into my walkman and just sat there for a while, slowly letting the music change my little world. at the time i was wildly obsessed with the spice girls and n’sync like all the other girls my age – but this was different, and i knew it had already changed my taste in music. although i was too young to fully understand the meaning behind the words, the sounds and feelings bewitched me and still do till this day. the songs that i played (and still do) over and over were i am a rock, el condor pasa, and bookend