there is a troubling problem with stray cats in my neighborhood here in palm springs, and because of the extreme weather we have been trying to capture the cats and their litters to have them spayed/neutered and then adopt them out. it’s easier said than done, but finally we were able to get our hands on a small litter of kittens!  these four adorable little calicos were so overheated, hungry and flea-ridden when we found them, but after just one day they were almost unrecognizable after some serious TLC and formula. we wanted to keep them so badly but we already have two dogs and a cat, so after we cared for them for a few days, we contacted a local no-kill animal shelter/adoption center. my nieces and nephew couldn’t help themselves and named them, even though we weren’t keeping them; they were promptly named Potato, Poof, Scout and Wigwam! Potato was the runt of the litter but also the most lovey and was quite the little ham for the camera, she can be seen in photos number 4 and 8-11. all in all it was a good experience and i’m glad to know they are on their way to wonderful and loving homes.